Definition of "wellspring" [well•spring]

  • The source of a stream or spring. (noun)
  • A source: a wellspring of ideas. (noun)

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Use "wellspring" in a sentence
  • "A. the recently concluded campaign confirmed, presidential debates are wholly unsatisfying, yet their wellspring is the epic series of seven debates held in 1858 between A.raham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas, both candidates for the Senate from Illinois."
  • "The newfound species has been named Australopithecus sediba, a blend of the established Latin term for "southern ape" and the word for "wellspring" in the SeSotho language."
  • "Some people -- don't know who, but they sound disreputable -- think that the people who write about the Park 51 Islamic Community Center being some kind of wellspring for birthing American-born terror babies are nuts."