Definition of "well-to-do" []

  • Prosperous; affluent; well-off. (adjective)
  • Affluent or wealthy people: Demonstrators protested that the tax bill favored the well-to-do. (noun)

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Use "well-to-do" in a sentence
  • "There's a certain look to the people who stroll around the Sunshine Coast town, one which my friend describes as a "well-to-do hippie"."
  • "The most popular dance hall in the neighborhood was owned by Pete Williams, described as a “well-to-do, coal-black Negro, who has made an immense amount of money from the profits of his dance-house.”"
  • "“By turning to the animal world, black culture, and the red-light district for the sources of their cultural regeneration,” writes Erenberg, “well-to-do urbanites were searching for a way to liberate some of the repressed wilder elements, the more natural elements, that had been contained by gentility.”"