Definition of "well-provided" []

  • Having been furnished or supplied with a sufficient amount (adjective)
  • Having been supplied with sufficient means of support, esp financially (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "well-provided" in a sentence
  • "A nominal monogamy has the advantage of spreading the women out among the men — when every one is mostly equally poor/rich back then, this results in more well-provided or offspring for the tribe, and also reduces intra-tribe male-on-male violence."
  • "It's not as though the pleasure provided by WoTworld is simple, or even that it's equally well-provided by a plethora of well-written books."
  • "Siege was of little use here, it takes far too long to starve out a well-provided garrison."
  • "He says, Katherine Jackson has nothing to worry about, family members have nothing to worry about, that they will be provided for, well-provided for, especially as the will and the trust stipulates."
  • " is one of the most famous and well-provided available on the web: you can practically find an infinite list of DVDs from Adventure to Western just to write the first and the last category in alphabetical order."