Definition of "well-decked" [well-decked]

  • In iron ship-building, noting a type of freight-steamer in which the side is carried up amidships above the upper deck to form a bridge-house closed by a bulkhead at each end. There is a forecastle deck at about the level of the bridge-house, and the upper deck between them is inclosed at the sides by high bulwarks, thus forming a sort of pit or well. To let the sea-water run out of the well, large freeing ports are cut in the bulwarks. (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "well-decked" in a sentence
  • "She sits there in his presents to her of a fur coat and jewelry like a well-decked out Judas, sucker-punched right in the ideals."
  • "Presently there came swiftly over the sparkling sea Tyrsenian 215 pirates on a well-decked ship — a miserable doom led them on."
  • "Animals also should be given, such as horses and elephants in rage, and beds, and covered conveyances borne on the shoulders of men, and well-decked cars."