Definition of "well-accustomed" []

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Use "well-accustomed" in a sentence
  • "It is a mode of voting that Nevadans are well-accustomed to."
  • "Some are well-accustomed to those strictures and it hardly seems to occur to Sir Alex Ferguson that he ought be able to go on a spree at a club of Manchester United's means and global popularity."
  • "The means at Hodgson's disposal have not been great but he is well-accustomed to that and even a free-agent signing such as the Serb Milan Jovanovic sparked excitement here with a run past two opponents in the first half."
  • "I was well-accustomed to seeing that sort of objectification in the strip clubs where I had done outreach, but I was disturbed to see the go-go club milieu becoming more widespread and normalized."