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Definition of "weke" [weke]

  • A Middle English form of wick. (noun)
  • An old spelling of weak.
  • An imitation of the squeaking of an infant or a pig.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "weke" in a sentence
  • "Ai trapt hur insied larst weke nd shi bangd intu tihngz nd mewed liek teh trapt kitteh taht shi woz until ai let hur owt."
  • "Itz cuuld daon lotz tihs weke, sew ai hoap OCM haz had sunshien awn hur loliday."
  • "Ai am in teh middlol ov sum big piels ov markink an repawts ar dew end ov nekst weke, sew ai hoep sumwun els can halp."