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Definition of "wavelength" []

  • The distance between one peak or crest of a wave of light, heat, or other energy and the next corresponding peak or crest. (noun)
  • On the same wavelength Informal In complete accord; in harmony: "a fluid ... production in which author, director, designer and cast seem to be working on the same wavelength” ( James Lardner). (idiom)

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Use "wavelength" in a sentence
  • "He was on a wavelength with her, in a way that most human beings aren't on a ­wavelength with animals. ""
  • "Right now the cloak operates for light between 1,400 and 1,800 nanometers in wavelength, which is the near-infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, just slightly longer than light that can be seen with the human eye."
  • "This extremely simple relationship can be considered as the completely adequate expression of Wien's energy distribution law; for with the dependence upon the energy, the dependence upon the wavelength is always directly given through the general, well-established displacement law by Wien."