Definition of "water" []

  • A clear, colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid, H2O, essential for most plant and animal life and the most widely used of all solvents. Freezing point 0°C (32°F); boiling point 100°C (212°F); specific gravity (4°C) 1.0000; weight per gallon (15°C) 8.338 pounds (3.782 kilograms). (noun)
  • Any of various forms of water: waste water. (noun)
  • Naturally occurring mineral water, as at a spa. Often used in the plural. (noun)
  • A body of water such as a sea, lake, river, or stream. (noun)
  • A particular stretch of sea or ocean, especially that of a state or country: escorted out of British waters. (noun)
  • A clear colourless tasteless odourless liquid that is essential for plant and animal life and constitutes, in impure form, rain, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. It is a neutral substance, an effective solvent for many compounds, and is used as a standard for many physical properties. Formula: H2O (noun)

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  • Any body or area of this liquid, such as a sea, lake, river, etc (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • The surface of such a body or area (noun)
  • Any form or variety of this liquid, such as rain (noun)
  • Any of various solutions of chemical substances in water (noun)
  • Any fluid secreted from the body, such as sweat, urine, or tears (noun)
  • The amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus in the womb (noun)
  • A wavy lustrous finish on some fabrics, esp silk (noun)
  • The degree of brilliance in a diamond (noun)
  • Excellence, quality, or degree (in the phrase of the first water) (noun)
  • Capital stock issued without a corresponding increase in paid-up capital, so that the book value of the company's capital is not fully represented by assets or earning power (noun)
  • The fictitious or unrealistic asset entries that reflect such inflated book value of capital (noun)
  • Of or relating to the three signs of the zodiac Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces (noun)
  • To sprinkle, moisten, or soak with water (verb)
  • To weaken by the addition of water (verb)
  • (of the eyes) to fill with tears (verb)
  • (of the mouth) to salivate, esp in anticipation of food (esp in the phrase make one's mouth water) (verb)
  • To irrigate or provide with water (verb)
  • To drink water (verb)
  • (of a ship, etc) to take in a supply of water (verb)
  • To raise the par value of (issued capital stock) without a corresponding increase in the real value of assets (verb)
  • To produce a wavy lustrous finish on (fabrics, esp silk) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "water" in a sentence
  • "Just wanted to confirm: Place the bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, making sure that bottom of bowl *does not touch the water*."
  • "In context 2 and context 3, Oscar's ˜water™-thoughts are about water, i.e. H2O, while in context 1 they are about XYZ."
  • "And at a certain period in the investigation of the underlying nature of water, it would have been correct to say that water might not contain hydrogen, if ˜water™ picked out something different than it actually does."