Definition of "water-cart" [water-cart]

  • (noun) Same as water-wagon, 2.
  • (noun) A cart carrying water for sale or for watering streets, gardens, etc.

Use "water-cart" in a sentence

  • "A solitary water-cart goes jingling down the wide pavement, and spirts a feeble refreshment over the dusty, thirsty stones."
  • "Here and there some specially remarkable circumstance, such as a water-cart or a guardsman, fairly penetrates into the seat of thought and calls them, for half a moment, out of themselves; and you may see them, still towed forward sideways by the inexorable nurse as by a sort of destiny, but still staring at the bright object in their wake."
  • "And then the early water-cart, cleansing the reek of the streets, had approached through the strange-seeming, useless lamp-light; he seemed to hear again its rumble, nearer and nearer, till it passed and slowly died away."

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