Definition of "water-bearing" [water-bearing]

  • Provided with water, as a stratum which will yield an artesian flow or a series of springs.
  • A journal-box having in the lower part a groove communicating with a pipe through which water under heavy pressure is admitted beneath the journal, which it. raises slightly from its bearings. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "water-bearing" in a sentence
  • "Gulfsands has announced that the first target reservoir in the Lambouka-1 exploration well offshore Tunisia appears to be water-bearing."
  • "It's possible, experts say, that the water-bearing bombs were some type of comet or meteorite with just the right deuterium and gas ratios."
  • "Still in early planning and fundraising stages, it will ultimately be a water-bearing hospital -- a convalescent home with liquid appointments."