Definition of "wastage" []

  • Loss by deterioration, wear, or destruction: "Disease and desertion still caused much greater wastage than battle” ( Theodore Ropp). (noun)
  • The gradual process of wasting. (noun)
  • An amount that is wasted or lost by wear. (noun)
  • Anything lost by wear or waste (noun)

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  • The process of wasting (noun)
  • Reduction in size of a workforce by retirement, voluntary resignation, etc (esp in the phrase natural wastage) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "wastage" in a sentence
  • "The term wastage is somewhat misleading, if not erroneous."
  • "If we were to compare him, to some extent with Tariq Aziz, the Former Iraqi Foreign Minister and the 'public face' of Former Saddam Hussain's Regime, McClellan, does owe the people of the United States and Iraq and the world an explanation as to why he served an Administration which made war on another country, at such a high cost in wastage of human lives, livelihood and national resources."
  • "As we all know, the seat load factor on the Canadian route is, in actual terms, much higher than the average, so this means that most of the wastage is on routes between the UK and the USA."