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  • A state of the northwestern US, on the Pacific: consists of the Coast Range and the Olympic Mountains in the west and the Columbia Plateau in the east. Capital: Olympia. Pop: 6 131 445 (2003 est). Area: 172 416 sq km (66 570 sq miles) (noun)
  • The capital of the US, coextensive with the District of Columbia and situated near the E coast on the Potomac River: site chosen by President Washington in 1790; contains the White House and the Capitol; a major educational and administrative centre. Pop: 563 384 (2003 est) (noun)
  • A town in Tyne and Wear: designated a new town in 1964. Pop: 53 388 (2001) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "washington" in a sentence
  • "It calls to question whether he believes the system in washington is broken or he just said it in order to receive votes."
  • "The fact that he is much younger and is only a junior senator would severely limit the list … .. more time in washington = better resume."
  • "TOD in lake washington is not an issue so there's nothing verboten about putting rail on 520."
  • "I wanna go to my friends house in washington dc over a long weekend in november me and her will go there over Veterans day weekend day weekend to hangout we are not boyfriend and girlfriend so i was wondering how can me and her get from lee ma to washington dc where her house is without flying?"
  • "Heck, Baucus is a big part of the problem why we can not get anything done in washington, he is a traitor to the american people."
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