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Definition of "war-wasted" [war-wasted]

  • Wasted or de vastated by war.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "war-wasted" in a sentence
  • "How petty, or how obvious, these concerns would have seemed to the deslocados viewing this corner of Mozambique's war-wasted countryside two weeks later."
  • "HARRIS: Face to face for 150 minutes, two leaders working to get a war-wasted Iraq on a peaceful track."
  • "Before this weary conflict came to a close, nearly every Boer family was gathered in from the perils and privations of the war-wasted veldt; and so, while nearly 30,000 burghers were detained as prisoners of war at various points across the sea, their wives and children, to the number of over 100,000, were tenderly cared for in English laagers all along the line of rails or close to conveniently situated towns."