Definition of "war-gaming" []

  • A notional tactical exercise for training military commanders, in which no military units are actually deployed (noun)
  • A game in which model soldiers are used to create battles, esp past battles, in order to study tactics (noun)
  • To prepare for battle by considering possible tactics and enemy responses (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "war-gaming" in a sentence
  • "With Iran war-gaming a simulated Strait closing, and the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet offering stark warnings, the current situation is reminiscent of the last time that Iran attempted to impede transit through the narrow Strait; the so-called "Tanker War" of the mid 1980s."
  • "In the banking district of London, war-gaming exercises involving the banks and government are taking place this month, though under the radar."
  • "The Sledgehammer case alleges that at an annual war-gaming seminar in 2003, the Istanbul-based 1st Army held what amounted to a dress rehearsal for a coup."
  • "Needless to say the war-gaming for this eventuality had been going on in the Pentagon for years."
  • "But one could not read the story without war-gaming concatenations of regional nuclear wars that might cascade, through miscalculation or misperception, into global conflagration from such a close call."