Definition of "wanting" []

  • Absent; lacking. (adjective)
  • Not measuring up to standards or expectations. (adjective)
  • Without. (preposition)
  • Minus; less: an hour wanting 15 minutes. (preposition)
  • Lacking or absent; missing (adjective)

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  • Not meeting requirements or expectations (adjective)
  • Without (preposition)
  • Minus (preposition) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "wanting" in a sentence
  • "He had no faith -- he was a hardened unbeliever -- and she could not make herself think of that at all -- could not stop herself from wanting -- _wanting_ him for her own, whatever happened."
  • "What otherwise was wanting in the security for the Nabob's engagements was to be supplied as follows: "The most respectable persons of his family will be employed to counteract every other which may tend to warp him from it; and I am sorry to say _that such assistance was wanting_.""
  • "yea cause wanting to be the center of attention for college students is so much more high brow than say..wanting your book made into a movie"