Definition of "wad" []

  • A small mass of soft material, often folded or rolled, used for padding, stuffing, or packing. (noun)
  • A compressed ball, roll, or lump, as of tobacco or chewing gum. (noun)
  • A plug, as of cloth or paper, used to retain a powder charge in a muzzleloading gun or cannon. (noun)
  • A disk, as of felt or paper, used to keep the powder and shot in place in a shotgun cartridge. (noun)
  • Informal A large amount: a wad of troubles. (noun)
  • A small mass or ball of fibrous or soft material, such as cotton wool, used esp for packing or stuffing (noun)

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  • A plug of paper, cloth, leather, etc, pressed against a charge to hold it in place in a muzzle-loading cannon (noun)
  • A disc of paper, felt, pasteboard, etc, used to hold in place the powder and shot in a shotgun cartridge (noun)
  • A roll or bundle of something, esp of banknotes (noun)
  • A large quantity, esp of money (noun)
  • A bundle of hay or straw (noun)
  • A bun (noun)
  • To form (something) into a wad (verb)
  • To roll into a wad or bundle (verb)
  • To hold (a charge) in place with a wad (verb)
  • To insert a wad into (a gun) (verb)
  • To pack or stuff with wadding; pad (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "wad" in a sentence
  • "It wad hurt me sair tae think a bit title wad mak 'a difference to ma friends."
  • "And what really gets liberal panties in a wad is when you point out that fascism is a form of socialism too, and that Democrats share far more similarities with classic fascism than anything else, and more so than any other political group."
  • "The FliteControl wad is configured 180° compared to standard wads so the cup flares at the rear instead of the front."