Definition of "vultur" []

  • A Linnean genus of Falcouidæ, variously defined. (noun)
  • (at) Including all the vultures of both hemispheres, Restricted to certain Old World vultures, as V. monachus. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "The turkey-buzzard (vultur aura, or golden vulture), when on the wing, is one of the most specious and imposing of birds."
  • "The carcases had attracted an immense number of turkey buzzards, (vultur aura) and as the preceding night had been rainy, multitudes of them were sitting on the trees, with their backs towards the sun, and their wings spread out to dry, a common practice with these birds after rain."
  • "Great numbers of a species of vultures, commonly called carrion crows by the sailors (_vultur aura_), were seen upon this island, and probably feed on young seal-cubs, which either die in the birth, or which they take an opportunity to seize upon."
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