Definition of "visor" []

  • A piece projecting from the front of a cap or an elastic headband to shade or protect the eyes. (noun)
  • A fixed or movable shield against glare attached above the windshield of an automotive vehicle. (noun)
  • The front piece of the helmet of a suit of armor, capable of being raised and lowered and designed to protect the eyes, nose, and forehead. (noun)
  • A means of concealment or disguise; a mask. (noun)
  • To provide or protect with a visor. (verb-transitive)
  • A transparent flap on a helmet that can be pulled down to protect the face (noun)

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  • A piece of armour fixed or hinged to the helmet to protect the face and with slits for the eyes (noun)
  • A small movable screen used as protection against glare from the sun, esp one attached above the windscreen of a motor vehicle (noun)
  • A mask or any other means of disguise or concealment (noun)
  • To cover, provide, or protect with a visor; shield (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "visor" in a sentence
  • "When she was on that vacation trying to hide with the blacked out McCain visor she looked like crap and had probably had something done."
  • "Someone please proffer a reasonable, rational explanation as to why Palinbot wearing a blank visor is less recognizable than Palinbot wearing a visor with McCain's name on it."
  • "The woman cannot afford to buy a new, plain visor for her vacation after her book tour?"