Definition of "villeinage" [villeinage]

  • (noun) The legal status or condition of a villein.
  • (noun) The legal tenure by which a villein held land.

Use "villeinage" in a sentence

  • "Valiant men, forsooth, shall arise in the beginning of these evil times, but though they shall die as ye shall, yet shall not their deaths be fruitful as yours shall be; because ye, forsooth, are fighting against villeinage which is waning, but they shall fight against usury which is waxing."
  • "As he says, "Bondage to the land was the basis of villeinage in the old regime; bondage to the job will be the basis of villeinage in the new.""
  • "This article explores the obstacles to such litigation, challenging the claim that servile villeinage acted to restrict villagers' choice of court."

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