Definition of "vicious" []

  • Having the nature of vice; evil, immoral, or depraved. (adjective)
  • Given to vice, immorality, or depravity. (adjective)
  • Spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip. (adjective)
  • Disposed to or characterized by violent or destructive behavior. See Synonyms at cruel. (adjective)
  • Marked by an aggressive disposition; savage. Used chiefly of animals. (adjective)
  • Wicked or cruel; villainous (adjective)

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  • Characterized by violence or ferocity (adjective)
  • Unpleasantly severe; harsh (adjective)
  • Characterized by malice (adjective)
  • (esp of dogs, horses, etc) ferocious or hostile; dangerous (adjective)
  • Characterized by or leading to vice (adjective)
  • Invalidated by defects; unsound (adjective)
  • Noxious or morbid (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "vicious" in a sentence
  • "I borrowed the term vicious cycle as it did in cycle for the past 71 years or once less than every 4 years."
  • "When I use the term vicious, it is for the sake of talking your language; for, if we came to explanations, it might happen that you called vice what I call virtue, and virtue what I call vice."
  • "The Palestinian Authority urged the international community to intervene and implement the two-state solution, saying that is the only way to end what it called the "vicious cycle of violence.""