Definition of "vice" []

  • An evil, degrading, or immoral practice or habit. (noun)
  • A serious moral failing. (noun)
  • Wicked or evil conduct or habits; corruption. (noun)
  • Sexual immorality, especially prostitution. (noun)
  • A slight personal failing; a foible: the vice of untidiness. (noun)
  • An immoral, wicked, or evil habit, action, or trait (noun)

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  • Habitual or frequent indulgence in pernicious, immoral, or degrading practices (noun)
  • A specific form of pernicious conduct, esp prostitution or sexual perversion (noun)
  • A failing or imperfection in character, conduct, etc (noun)
  • Any physical defect or imperfection (noun)
  • A bad trick or disposition, as of horses, dogs, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "vice" in a sentence
  • "Love makes men overlook this vice (for it is a _vice_), for _a while_; but, this does not last for life."
  • "When you moved from the title vice president to executive vice president, did your responsibilities change?"
  • "While at ABC from 1957 to 1964 when he held the title vice president and general manager of sports programs, his involvement in the development of"