Definition of "vicar" []

  • The priest of a parish in the Church of England who receives a stipend or salary but does not receive the tithes of a parish. (noun)
  • A cleric in charge of a chapel in the Episcopal Church of the United States. (noun)
  • A cleric acting in the place of a rector or bishop in the Anglican Communion generally. (noun)
  • Roman Catholic Church A priest who acts for or represents another, often higher-ranking member of the clergy. (noun)
  • (in Britain) a clergyman appointed to act as priest of a parish from which, formerly, he did not receive tithes but a stipend (noun)

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  • A clergyman who acts as assistant to or substitute for the rector of a parish at Communion (noun)
  • (in the US) a clergyman in charge of a chapel (noun)
  • A bishop or priest representing the pope or the ordinary of a diocese and exercising a limited jurisdiction (noun)
  • A member of a cathedral choir appointed to sing certain parts of the services (noun)
  • A person appointed to do the work of another (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "vicar" in a sentence
  • "He is drawing up plans for neighbouring parishes to pool their resources, forming pastoral areas to be co-ordinated by a priest with the title vicar forane."
  • "He was what they call a vicar general -- next job to the bishop, you know."
  • ""Disco vicar" is a similar phrase, and sufficiently widely used I'd be tempted to file it as "jargon" already."