Definition of "verwoerd" []

  • Hendrik Frensch (ˈhɛndrɪk frɛns). 1901–66, South African politician, born in the Netherlands: prime minister of South Africa (1958–66) and the principal architect of the apartheid system: assassinated (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "What recession are we talking about exactly? thank hendrik verwoerd for exchange control regs!!! yeah right Trev."
  • "As for Zuma, you need a good swift kick in the pants for not taming your pet shrew. but what about Eugene Terreblanche who openly called black people ap**s. what about Barend strydom who openly called black people b*b**s. when will these two racists appear before the equality courts. what about the continued use and glorification of vile apartheid's architects names in town and streets. i am referring to street names such as hendrick verwoerd, CR swarts, ben schoeman etc. are our rights not being violated by walking down the streets named after people who committed crimes against humanity."