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Definition of "vella" []

  • A genus of plants, of the order Cruciferæ and tribe Brassiceæ. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "vella" in a sentence
  • "The chicken vella korma, with cashew nuts, coconut and star anise, is the perfect blend of savory and sweet."
  • "Since Varro, Quintillian, and Aulus Gelliius testify that the Latin peasantry often substituted an e for an i, reading vea for via, vella for villa, speca for spica, etc., the substitution of maris stella for maris stilla is easily explained."
  • "Perquam ridiculum est homines ex animi sententia vivere, et quae Diis ingrata sunt exequi, et tamen a solis Diis vella solvos fieri, quum propriae salutis curam abjecerint."