Definition of "v1" []

  • A robot bomb invented by the Germans in World War II: used esp to bombard London. It was propelled by a pulsejet (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "v1" in a sentence
  • "To provide some of the most important v2 changes sooner (in v1), I've considered having a positional directive like #v1. 1."
  • "; v2: value n2: = % va%i% v2: = % n2% if (v1 = = v2) msgbox % n1% has the same value as % n2% (% v1%) i++ there's a dog barking close within the range of my ear sounds like he wants to escape the chain he would probably bite me to death if he could"
  • "The platform gene runs deep and just because it isn’t there in v1 doesn’t mean it doesn’t get expressed in the future."
  • "As near as I can tell, Sarah Palin v1. 0 was a relatively pragmatic governor of Alaska."