Definition of "utility-grade" [utility-grade]

  • Used of beef; usable but inferior (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "utility-grade" in a sentence
  • "Crescent was a company that manufactured mostly utility-grade shotguns for the hardware store trade back in the late 19th on in to the early to mid 20th Century."
  • "If you follow that logic and spend any time thinking about the next generation of utility-grade grid computing schemas, you could posit that we are all headed for a day when every computer in America or possibly the world will have access to massive computer, and storage, clouds and that there will be companies that harness, license and provide access to this off-premises technology for others to use."
  • "Erecting turbines within view of pricey coastal real estate also increases the odds of a backlash since a typical utility-grade unit includes a tower nearly as tall as the Statue of Liberty and a rotor roughly as wide as a football field is long."
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