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  • A republic in South America, on the Atlantic: Spanish colonization began in 1624, followed by Portuguese settlement in 1680; revolted against Spanish rule in 1820 but was annexed by the Portuguese to Brazil; gained independence in 1825. It consists mainly of rolling grassy plains, low hills, and plateaus. Official language: Spanish. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: peso. Capital: Montevideo. Pop: 3 324 460 (2013 est). Area: 176 215 sq km (68 037 sq miles) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Here in uruguay we pay (30 pesos) $1,30 dolars/per liter!!!"
  • "We were like 11 years old, this is a very quiet place and like everything in uruguay is a small place too, so you can move around in bicycle."
  • "As is was so hot in Mexico, after beating uruguay with the away cotton jersey, the coach Bilardo decided to get lighter jerseys."
  • ""Hi how do I get live peru uruguay," pleads Freddie Ventura."
  • "I am from uruguay too and for those who dont believe in the 300 bucks budgets. he obviously had allready the computer, programs you can download for free in 1000s of pages. only in n. america you pay rediculous prices for programs . he spend the money for the extras when they are running around. it took a day traveling with the people around the city and take the shoots."