Definition of "urtication" []

  • The formation or development of hives. (noun)
  • The sensation of having been stung by nettles. (noun)
  • A lashing with nettles formerly used to treat a paralyzed part of the body. (noun)

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Use "urtication" in a sentence
  • "For sciatica, for incipient wasting, for the difficult breathing of some heart troubles (where such stimulation along the backbone affords more prompt and complete relief than any other treatment), for some coughs palsy, suppression of the monthly flow in women, rheumatism, and for lack of muscular energy, this urtication is said to be an invaluable resuscitating measure which has been successfully resorted to by the peasantry of"
  • "The stinging effect of the true Nettle is caused by an acrid secretion contained in minute vesicles at the base of each of the stiff hairs; and _urtication_, or flogging, with Nettles, is an old external remedy, which was long practised for chronic rheumatism, and loss of muscular power."
  • "In Russia, as a recent mode of treatment, _urtication_ is now enthusiastically commended, that is, slapping, or pricking with a bundle of fresh Nettle twigs for one or more minutes, once, or several times in the day."