Definition of "urse" []

  • An obsolete variant of worse.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "urse" in a sentence
  • "When Reid stumbles across the fact that his father's mechanic C urse of the Golden Flower's Jay Chou, donning Kato's mask can outfit a vehicle with surface-to-air missiles as easily as he can gap spark plugs, the two decide - after, it must be noted, much discussion - to clean up the streets of Los Angeles by posing not as heroes but as mysterious masked gangsters."
  • "BIG SOUTH: High Point junior DJ Dougherty shot a career-best 69 in the opening round to tie for third at Patriot Golf C.urse in Ninety-Six S.C. The Panthers had a team score of"
  • "Lineup is the unremitting eye of each poet beginning in the sensory world of the crime's occurrence. urse, the higher the emotional content of an event, the harder it becomes to write about it with elegance."