Definition of "uptake" []

  • A passage for drawing up smoke or air. (noun)
  • Understanding; comprehension: very quick on the uptake. (noun)
  • An act of taking in or absorbing, especially into a living organism. (noun)
  • A pipe, shaft, etc, that is used to convey smoke or gases, esp one that connects a furnace to a chimney (noun)

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  • Taking up or lifting up (noun)
  • The act of accepting or taking up something on offer or available (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "uptake" in a sentence
  • "In blue states, we have out of wedlock abortions instead of out of wedlock births (well, we try to teach birth control but the uptake is never 100%)."
  • "And it made little difference that atom-splitting, radar, and television were British discoveries, since like jazz and cinema the main uptake of all the big ideas was on the American side of the Atlantic."
  • "He has contributed strongly to the development of selective serotonin uptake blockers, a new generation of antidepressive drugs."