Definition of "untoward" []

  • Not favorable; unpropitious. (adjective)
  • Troublesome; adverse: an untoward incident. (adjective)
  • Hard to guide or control; unruly. (adjective)
  • Improper; unseemly. (adjective)
  • Archaic Awkward. (adjective)
  • Characterized by misfortune, disaster, or annoyance (adjective)

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  • Not auspicious; adverse; unfavourable (adjective)
  • Unseemly or improper (adjective)
  • Out of the ordinary; out of the way (adjective)
  • Refractory; perverse (adjective)
  • Awkward, ungainly, or uncouth (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "untoward" in a sentence
  • "And litigation only occurs if people figure out that something untoward is going on — with personalized search results, you may never know what comes up when other people search for your name."
  • "You're obviously pretty confident nothing untoward is going to be happening in front of your webcam at these intervals!"
  • "All the 'ill luck' -- that is, the untoward circumstances of the year, would be ascribed to the accident of a person with light hair having been the first to enter a dwelling on the mornings referred to."