Definition of "untainted" [untainted]

  • (adjective) Not tainted; free of contamination; pure.

Use "untainted" in a sentence

  • "I hope it will not come too soon; (for God's sake let us keep some spot in the world still untainted from the turmoil of the multitude, so that coming generations will have a place to flee to)."
  • "He called to mind many a pleasant fire-side chat; many a funeral scene, and burying in sun-light and in the cold rain; the young Elbridge too was in his thoughts last of all; could he return to them with a name untainted, the old man would cheerfully lie down in his grave and be at peace with all the world."
  • "To be white, you need to be 100% white "" that is, "untainted" - by the black genes."

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