Definition of "unspoken" []

  • Past participle of unspeak. (verb)
  • Not uttered or expressed: bristling with unspoken resentment. (adjective)
  • Understood without the need for words: an unspoken pact. (adjective)
  • Understood without needing to be spoken; tacit (adjective)

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  • Not uttered aloud (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "unspoken" in a sentence
  • "Always there was a hollow aching inside me, and always I woke with her name unspoken on my lips."
  • "Of course, a big part of Paquette's essay is a certain unspoken doctrine -- the doctrine that all Christian doctrine must derive directly from the Bible."
  • "There is an understanding that a massive element of any conversation on the topic will remain unspoken, for reasons (essentially) of good taste and tact."