Definition of "unsnuffed" [unsnuffed]

  • (adjective) Not snuffed.

Use "unsnuffed" in a sentence

  • "Even Wayne Rooney, who like all top players has "a picture in his head" – a three-second flash-forward of leaping possibilities – seems against Barcelona to have a picture only of looming disaster and catastrophic accident, flying around the pitch in a psychic panic looking for smouldering plug sockets, unsnuffed candles, ladders that wobble."
  • "As daylight, darkened by the windows, could not penetrate to this corner, the cook had left two dips burning, whose unsnuffed wicks showed a sort of mushroom growth, giving the red light which promises length of life to the candle from slowness of combustion — a discovery due to some miser."
  • "He had left the wick of the candle unsnuffed, till it had risen higher than the flame, and had burnt into an odd pent-house shape at the top, from which morsels of the charred cotton fell off, from time to time, in little flakes."

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