Definition of "unreflective" []

  • Not reflective; unthinking. (adjective)
  • Not reflective or thoughtful; rash; unthinking (adjective)

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Use "unreflective" in a sentence
  • "The now universal popular culture with its tabloid mentality and cult of celebrity leads to short-term unreflective hedonism as the 'ideal lifestyle choice'."
  • "Crucially, as an increasing number of young Jews like Mermelstein and Greenberg are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and working to separate Judaism and Zionism, one of the most important tactics of the Zionist movement, namely the unreflective charge that all criticism of Israel is equivalent to anti-Semitism, loses much of its weight."
  • "Yes, different technologies have different intrinsic properties that facilitate different kinds of communication, but it’s always a mistake to take the viewer or user out of the equation, or to lazily assume the kind of unreflective passivity implicit in terms like “viewer.”"