Definition of "unnatural" []

  • In violation of a natural law. (adjective)
  • Inconsistent with an individual pattern or custom. (adjective)
  • Deviating from a behavioral or social norm: an unnatural attachment. (adjective)
  • Contrived or constrained; artificial: smiled in an unnatural manner. (adjective)
  • In violation of natural feelings; inhuman. (adjective)
  • Contrary to nature; abnormal (adjective)

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  • Not in accordance with accepted standards of behaviour or right and wrong (adjective)
  • Uncanny; supernatural (adjective)
  • Affected or forced (adjective)
  • Inhuman or monstrous; wicked (adjective)
  • Illegitimate (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "unnatural" in a sentence
  • "'_You_ are, Monica; your own unnatural prejudice -- _unnatural_ prejudice, blinds you."
  • "They spoke and chanted in Yiddish and Hebrew, stressing the community's resilience and unity after what one called an unnatural death."
  • "The good lady could not account for what she called his unnatural departure."