Definition of "unmixt" [unmixt]

  • Archaic spelling of unmixed. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "unmixt" in a sentence
  • "Siding with Wilson as the controversy gained momentum, a Cambridge University classicist, Sir John Cheke, was equally repulsed by the recent developments: “I am of this opinion that our own tung should be written cleane and pure, unmixt and unmangeled with borowing of other tunges.”"
  • "'Ah Eugenia!' she cried; 'that alone is my impediment to the most perfect, the most unmixt content! why have you made me think of him?'"
  • "Indiana screamed; Miss Margland echoed her cry; Eugenia, who had looked down from his entrance, raised her eyes with an air of interest; Camilla was surprised out of her own concerns; and Edgar surveyed him with an astonishment not wholly unmixt with contempt; but the two Doctors went on with their own discourse."