Definition of "unleached" [unleached]

  • Not leached: as applied to wood-ashes, implying an important distinction, since such ashes when unleached, or not exhausted of soluble matter by the action of water, have notable manurial value on account of the potash salts which are present; but the value on this account is almost entirely lost after leaching. (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "unleached" in a sentence
  • "By our method the stump is burned and the finest kind of unleached wood ashes -- containing lime to "sweeten" and potash and phosphoric acid to furnish plant food -- are spread upon the ground a few hours after the stumps are blown out."
  • "Locally, soils developed from loess, or in the north, from Pre - Wisconsinan drift; relatively unleached Wisconsinan till is absent unlike in the Glaciated Triassic Lowlands (64e) where it is common."
  • "Lacks the numerous lakes, relatively unleached Wisconsinan glacial deposits, and associated soils of the Glaciated Reading Prong (58i)."