Definition of "unhabitable" [unhabitable]

  • Uninhabitable. [Obsolete or rare.] (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "unhabitable" in a sentence
  • "If a piece of space-junk or a meteoroid were to strike the ISS and make it unhabitable, taking a shuttle out of retirement on a mission to repair and reinhabit would make us international heroes."
  • "Palestinians are being made refugees to this day, the bombing of homes, the gradual push of illegal housing projects, the ghetto wall dividing Palestinians from their land and Income and recently the unhumane blockade resulting in the area becoming an unhabitable place thus resulting in Palestinians having to flee to avoid the dire situation."
  • "BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Centaurs on a planet fight for survival when their sun comes too close to their planet making it unhabitable."