Definition of "ungalled" [ungalled]

  • Unhurt; not galled; uninjured. (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ungalled" in a sentence
  • "Jeanie herself could not fail to bestow an anxious thought on the awkwardness of the approaching meeting; but her conscience was ungalled — and then she was cumbered with many household cares of an unusual nature, which, joined to the anxious wish once more to see Butler, after an absence of unusual length, made her extremely desirous that the travellers should arrive as soon as possible."
  • "Troke, ungalled by his irons, unmindful of the groans and laughter about him."
  • "These shadows say to us by contrast that happiness lies in a life true, active, spontaneous, ungalled by the yoke of the passions, of unnatural needs, of unhealthy stimulus; keeping intact the physical faculty of enjoying the light of day and the air we breathe, and in the heart, the capacity to thrill with the love of all that is generous, simple and fine."