Definition of "unexpressive" [un•ex•press•ive]

  • Not conveying the meaning intended or the emotion felt. (adjective)
  • Obsolete Inexpressible. (adjective)

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Use "unexpressive" in a sentence
  • "Dressed simply in a plain black suit, but with large diamonds on both hands, and a heavy gold watch chain running across his breast, his belt filled with cartridges and an automatic pistol slung at either hip, Zapata turned toward me the unexpressive face of an Indian of about 50 years of age, relieved by remarkably penetrating eyes."
  • "Trott is a taciturn figure at times and an unexpressive batsman, his moments of self-expression usually restricted to that delightfully forceful whip off his hips and occasional eruptions on reaching a significant milestone."
  • "Larcombe was lean and sinewy, with a cool, unexpressive face."