Definition of "underprivileged" []

  • Lacking opportunities or advantages enjoyed by other members of one's community; deprived. (adjective)
  • Lacking the rights and advantages of other members of society; deprived (adjective)

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Use "underprivileged" in a sentence
  • "To say someone is underprivileged suggests that there are privileges to which everyone is entitled, and I think you can see the term underprivileged gradually leading to the sense of entitlement that we have today."
  • "MR. RANDALL: Every phase of the service to the underprivileged is a phase of business obligation."
  • "The group's stated hope is that their movement will spread to cities nationwide and alert America to the fact that the "thin-cats" as they are calling the underprivileged need to be given a serious wake-up call."