Definition of "unasked" [unasked]

  • Not asked: Several unasked questions remain. (adjective)
  • Not invited: Unasked guests arrived at the party. (adjective)
  • Not requested: Such unasked suggestions are less than welcome. (adjective)

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Use "unasked" in a sentence
  • "I guess the question left unasked is whether the administration should be doing anything to prevent foreclosures, leaving aside the macroeconomic questions (also, the administration has been strongarming industry to renegotiate loan terms as part of the hope alliance, which i think is an awful idea, Barack Obama to his credit hasn't said a peep about preventing foreclosures)."
  • "BTW, unasked is “why do they still use characters?”"
  • "Michael and Gabriel; and to Zacharias the angel told his name unasked"