Definition of "unanalysable" [unanalysable]

  • That cannot be analysed. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "unanalysable" in a sentence
  • "Reconstructing a protolanguage root that's unanalysable despite an etymology already available with a clear historical source is the kind of sloppy, unacademic nonsense I loathe with a passion."
  • "The assumption that this word must exist from PIE times and must be part of the IE lexicon despite all its absurd problems, its unanalysable form, and the absurd and random fixes proposed is positively cultish."
  • "I came across this while reopening the case concerning the etymology of Arretium, a town in NE Etruria, which I can confidently say is unanalysable in the Etruscan language, despite Arretium being purportedly founded by the Etruscans themselves... but this is a slightly separate issue."