Definition of "ultrasound" []

  • Ultrasonic sound. (noun)
  • Medicine The use of ultrasonic waves for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, specifically to image an internal body structure, monitor a developing fetus, or generate localized deep heat to the tissues. (noun)
  • Ultrasonic waves at frequencies above the audible range (above about 20 kHz), used in cleaning metallic parts, echo sounding, medical diagnosis and therapy, etc (noun)

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  • "The unit is named after the physicist H. H.rtz and is abbreviated H.. Thus the following formula applies to the propagation velocity of the wave: C = fλ = 1/T * λ This equation (wave equation) applies to all wave processes. (ii) Definition of the term ultrasound The frequency of a sound impression (tone) is a direct measure for the pitch of a tone."
  • "(Its cumulative, kids!) and the ultrasound is the only thing that ever showed the lump."
  • "If the ultrasound is right and if the little nudger currently beating the crap out of my uterus is a boy, then I have to face this decision … to do or not to do?"