Definition of "ultimate" []

  • Being last in a series, process, or progression: "As the ultimate arbiter of the Constitution, the Supreme Court occupies a central place in our scheme of government” ( Richard A. Epstein). (adjective)
  • Fundamental; elemental: an ultimate truth. (adjective)
  • Of the greatest possible size or significance; maximum: Has the ultimate diamond been found? (adjective)
  • Representing or exhibiting the greatest possible development or sophistication: the ultimate bicycle. (adjective)
  • Utmost; extreme: the ultimate insult. (adjective)
  • Conclusive in a series or process; last; final (adjective)

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  • The highest or most significant (adjective)
  • Elemental, fundamental, basic, or essential (adjective)
  • Most extreme (adjective)
  • Final or total (adjective)
  • The most significant, highest, furthest, or greatest thing (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "ultimate" in a sentence
  • "The word ultimate comes from the Latin term latimatus and means “last,” “final,” or “farthest.”"
  • "But he joked that John Ashbery had asked him what the word ultimate meant."
  • "The term ultimate was used advisedly, and still stands."