Definition of "ubique" []

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Use "ubique" in a sentence
  • "For example, there isno question that, even in matters of dogma, he still has to followthe tradition of the universal Church—that is, as Vincent of Lerinssays, what has been believed quod semper, quod ubique, quod abomnibus. ..."
  • "And at the latter end of his little treatise De Religione Laici, he says this of these innate principles: Adeo ut non uniuscujusvis religionis confinio arctentur quae ubique vigent veritates."
  • "Ubique periculum, ubique dolor, ubique naufragium, in hoc ambitu quocunque me vertam."
  • "Romae extinxit, et omnes ubique per orbem terrae religiones, unum hoc studens ut solus deus coleretur."
  • "Swear, protest, take God and all his angels to witness, quaere peregrinum, thou art a counterfeit crank, a cheater, he is not touched with it, pauper ubique jacet, ride on, he takes no notice of it."