Definition of "u-bolt" []

  • A metal bar bent into the shape of a U and threaded at both ends to receive securing nuts: used to secure leaf springs, ring bolts, shackles, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Location: Palm Harbor FL so i had my truck on jackstands today, took the wheels off because i was thinking of trading a guy tonight for stockers and skinnier tires, after he got to my shop i did not want the wheels he had, they were not what he said and the tires were useless. so he left, and i was bored and got on my creeper and started poking around under the truck from front to back, everything was good until i got to the rear and saw this shyt, WOW holy accident waiting to happen batman: this is from the previous owner putting his boat in the gulf of mexico so often, my god!! the best part was i only noticed a problem because one u-bolt on each side was already snapped. so since i was in there to replace the u = bolts i tossed a 1 inch block in too so i could level the truck out, 1 inch doesnt sound like much till you see it sitting on the ground, i'll get some pics this weekend. thank god i looked!!"