Definition of "tyll" [tyll]

  • Obsolete forms of till. (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "tyll" in a sentence
  • "On May 27, Bedingfield complained to the Privy Council that: "Cornwallys, the gentleman usher, dydde move me to assente that the cloth off estate sholde by hanged upp for hyr grace, wherunto I directlye sayde naye tyll yor lordeshipps plesures were known therin.""
  • "And about myd nyght we came to a certayne village of the Arabians, and there remayned the rest of that nyght, and the next day tyll noone."
  • "[Sidenote: Diasirmus.] _Eleuacio_, when we make lyghte of, and dyspyse great argumentes brought agaynst vs, whych to aunswer vnto it is labour, and we saye they perteyne not to the purpose, or that they are vnworthy to be answered vnto, or that we kepe them tyll another tyme: Of thys ther nedeth none example."