Definition of "tyger" [ty•ger]

  • A tiger. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "tyger" in a sentence
  • "The vegetarian tyger is not convincing as an example of sugar tamed savagery because the story strikes readers as poignant and tragic: it is the domesticated tiger, not Mr. Benjamin Parker's ravaged arm and bloody bed sheets, and certainly not Moseley's mock-heroism, that has readers 'sympathy."
  • "- Better a hand between a "tyger" and his "bright" succor or his "sweet delight", or some would have it worse still to be between that and his "endless night"."
  • "I think the photograph of a tattoo of a tiger on the cover of my poetry chapbook Tiger's Milk would have impressed him more, especially if I told him it was a "tyger" a la Blake."